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In developing this website, attention was paid to all issues concerning accessibility, in order to permit a full fruition to both users employing common Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari) and users of other types of clients such as screen-readers, smartphones and handheld devices. This website, developed with standard technologies, respects most of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level priority guidelines stated by the W3C, the major authority as to standardization and accessibility of Internet websites; it can thus be visited by disabled and blind users.

  • The principle of separation between content and presentation was respected. The visual appearance of the page is controlled by style sheets, and HTML is not used to convey visual information. It is possible to browse the website even when style sheets are disabled.
  • The appropriate HTML commands have been used to suggest the hierarchy of displayed information;
  • The font size can be modified to increase legibility;
  • The foreground and background colour have a sharp contrast. In particular, the white text with yellow links is easy to read against a black background;
  • Links have significant titles to help the user guess their context;
  • The proper HTML commands were used to highlight foreign words, acronyms and abbreviations;
  • Special key combinations (accelerators) were implemented for faster and more accessible browsing. In absence of a standard binding of functions to accelerators, this website follows the same binding used by many Italian institutional websites. The alternate text of every link describes the right combination. Combinations may vary depending on the user-agent (Internet Explorer users must press Enter after the accelerator; Mac users must press Ctrlinstead of Alt).